ENCOT recognizes that proper management of micro-enterprises by its clients is paramount in two ways:

1) It catalyzes incomes generation among the poor through efficiency and good practice; and

2) It improves the client’s ability to manage their credit and other business obligations. To this regard ENCOT has been using its group and services delivery points (centers) as training and advisory points.

Kinds of trainings offered by ENCOT

a) Pre-disbursement trainings – These trainings mostly emphasize understanding of the loan terms, group formation and dynamics, leadership skills, financial discipline, loan tracking and basic business planning skills.

b) Post-disbursement trainings – These are follow-up business skills trainings that further support the poor to articulate business issues and further exploit the business potentials around them. The common themes of interest include:

(i) Business planning

(ii) Marketing

(iii) Customer care

(iv) Record keeping

(v) Resource mapping and mobilization

(vi) Networking

(vii) Basic accounting

(viii) Budgeting