ENCOT Microfinance Ltd is an indigenous rural community development micro-credit and rural-enterprise development entity, founded as an NGO in 2006 by a group of indigenous community development practitioners in Masindi (UGANDA). The Organization was developed as a response to the challenges of poverty and suffering faced by the rural communities in Masindi, most especially the farmers.

ENCOT Microfinance Ltd started as an academic research project with an objective of investigating the impact of microfinance on agriculture in Masindi. The research evolved into a fully fledged community development organization meant to improve access to appropriate credit and entrepreneurship development services among the marginalized rural communities in the region.

ENCOT team

What we do...

ENCOT as a Microfinance and Enterprise Development Institution is fully registered as a Company limited by shares. In light of its engagement in credit activities, ENCOT is also fully licensed to lend under lenders act (CAP 273.). The organization has been engaged in microcredit and enterprise development activities since inception and intends to grow its loan portfolio to at least UGX 12 Billions within the next 5 years.

Both services offered are highly needed in Masindi. Masindi is served by three banks (Stanbic, Barclays, Post Bank, Equity Bank) and one MDI (FINCA). However, all the above do not provide specialized services to the lowest incomes category of the communities in the mid-western region of Uganda, most especially farmers.

ENCOT helps farmers to develop


To provide financial and enterprise development services to the low income earning people of Uganda so that they can create their own jobs, increase their household incomes and improve their livelihoods


Affordable and accessible financial services

Our Mandate

Rural Entrepreneurship Development for increased productivity and improved livelihoods

  • Initiate Self-help projects for sustainability
  • Support the needy children to access education
  • Support the Girl-child's education
  • To invite and work with volunteers from outside and within
  • Mobilize resources for the less privileged