Message from the Managing Director

We have been actively providing micro-loans to rural entrepreneurs most especially women and farmers throughout the region since 2007. We pride ourselves in our understanding and knowledge of the local microfinance market in the region whilst offering our clients access to the best, affordable and appropriate services for those at the bottom of the income pyramid. We would like to take this opportunity to take a step back and talk about ENCOT as a whole, and the concept behind our uniqueness.

Being a local and indigenous MFI With operations in over TEN districts, how do we maintain our unprecedented success year after year? Our focus and top priority is client service delivery by well trained and motivated professionals across the organisation. As a social impact MFI that holds all resources at its disposal in trust, we are fully answerable to our valued clients, funders and promoters. This ensures efficient use of all resources entrusted to us in a frugal manner. Besides, as an organisation that subscribes to the SMART campaign/client protection principles we take transparency in all our dealings with both clients and partners as a strategic matter. This has earned us the confidence of the local communities we serve and opened us up to great opportunities of reaching out to more and more of the unbanked and the formally excluded.

As we roll out our strategic plan 2017 - 2021, our main focus is on reaching out to farmer communities most especially small-holder farmers with appropriate loan products targeting production, processing, trade/marketing, and farm asset acquisition. This is a matter that has eluded the entire sector for a long time. However, ENCOT has developed financial products that are a hybrid of both the individual and traditional peer guarantee methodologies blended with other innovations never tried before. This was tested and yielded tremendous outcomes that encouraged us to venture full force in agricultural lending.

We appreciate your time taken to explore our website. Whether you are a potential or current client, partner, or professional looking to make a career change, or a candidate seeking a top-quality opportunity, ENCOT has something to offer.

Paschal MANDHAWUN, Managing Director/CEO